How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

Having a baby can be stressful, but these tips for how to prepare for your newborn session will make it a success!

Let’s Get You On the Calendar!

It’s best to book your session as soon as possible.  We always recommend expectant mothers to book their newborn session before the last month of pregnancy to ensure their spot in our schedule. Newborns are typically shot between 5-14 days after birth.  There are exceptions, but this age range provides that easiest, happiest session. 

The reason we recommend 5-14 days is that they are still very sleepy the first two weeks after birth. After 14 days they begin to need cluster feedings, which means they are awake more, and easily disturbed during slumber. 

How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

Choose Between In-Home or Studio Session

Our studio is located in Mandeville, but we are happy to travel to homes within 60 miles of our location.  Some mothers prefer to do their session in their own homes, especially if they have older children.  If you are an hour from the studio, an In-Home Session would be easier because I promise as soon as you are 15 minutes from the studio, that sweet baby will be snoozing away!

A studio session is perfect for the mom that wants to have a shorter session.  Because everything is already set up, and props laid out, we are able to move faster from one setup to the next.  There are some props that will not fit in my car (a cute little mini cooper) and are only used in the studio.

Crank Up That Heat  

Although we are comfortable in a cool house, most babies are not, especially when naked. We recommend that the room we will be working in be about 80 degrees in temperature.  We will also bring a small space heater to place near us while shooting. This helps keep baby warm and cozy throughout the session.

Feed on Arrival

Whether in the studio, or in your home, please plan to feed just before we shoot.  This will help ensure baby is sleepy and full (i.e. ready for pictures!).  If baby is hungry before we have arrived, try giving half a feeding.  If bottle fed, please bring extra bottles.  Babies get hungry during newborn sessions.


You are welcome to bring any special items or props to your session.  Please let us know what you plan to bring so we can create the perfect setting to incorporate the special item into a setup.  We have a collections of tie backs, bowls, backdrops, etc, so don’t feel you need to hit hobby lobby before your session.

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Hold the Gassy Foods!

If you are breastfeeding, please avoid foods high in Citrus Acid, or gassy vegetables such as Asparagus, Onions and Brussels Sprouts.  Every baby is different so be sure to consult with your pediatrician.  Click here to learn more about our Breastfeeding Food Guide.

Download our How to Prepare For Your Newborn Session PDF to keep on hand. Check out our other blog posts about preparing for your new arrival!