New Orleans Baby Photographer | Lily Elizabeth

Lily Elizabeth was one of the recipients of our baby photographer giveaway. Her mother had a rough time after delivery due to migraines caused by the anesthesia. This is actually a super common problem- my mom even suffered the same symptom when my baby sister was born.  So Lily’s mom didn’t think she was up to driving all the way to Mandeville for our session. I told her, “no worries, I’m coming to you!”

You see, I knew I had to take pictures of this sweet baby.  I had to be her baby photographer.  Most of you know, my little girl is named Lily, but you probably didn’t know I have a sister named Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and I have a 13 year age difference, and I often call her my first baby.  She was my doll, and I took her everywhere with me.  So, you can see that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take pictures of a “Lily Elizabeth.”
Baby Photographer_0018.jpg
Baby Photographer_0009.jpg
Baby Photographer_0008.jpg
Baby Photographer_0012.jpg
Baby Photographer_0006.jpg
Baby Photographer_0007.jpg
Baby Photographer_0013.jpg
Baby Photographer_0005.jpg
Baby Photographer_0011.jpg
Baby Photographer_0010.jpg
Baby Photographer_0004.jpg
Baby Photographer_0014.jpg
Baby Photographer_0015.jpg
Baby Photographer_0001.jpg
Baby Photographer_0017.jpg
Baby Photographer_0003.jpg
Baby Photographer_0002.jpg
Baby Photographer_0016.jpg

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