5 Tips For A Perfect Glamour Shoot

Preparing for your glamour shoot doesn’t have to be stressful. This guide can help you get ready to show off your beautiful self!

Clothing For Your Glamour Session

We advise you to wear either bold colors or neutral colors. Black, red or gem colors photograph well. Alternately, soft colors such as ivory, cream and pretty pinks can be beautiful, as well. Avoid busy patterns because they will detract away from your face. Feel free to bring multiple outfits to your session, and we can help guide you to find the best outfit for your session.

Be Well Rested Before Your Photo Shoot

It is always best to arrive well rested and hydrated for your portrait session. Please make sure to drink the recommended 8- 8oz servings of water per day starting two-three days before your session. Avoid foods that might make you feel bloated the day before your session. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep. Your skin will thank you if you follow these steps!

Bring Your Favorite Lip Color

If you have a favorite lip color, or eye shadow, please feel free to bring it! Our Pampered Mom and Glamour Sessions include a hair and makeup artist, but you may have a signature look you want to maintain.

Come Clean Faced For Your Glamour Shoot

Our makeup artist will start with a fresh canvas if you arrive with a clean face. We will have makeup remover and cold cream, if you need it before your shoot.

Remember To Laugh During Your Session

The most beautiful pictures are candid moments of joy. Although a photo shoot can be intimidating, we are all here to have a good time, and make some beautiful images.

Click Here to download a PDF of our 5 Tips For Perfect Glam Shots.