Tips For Soothing A Newborn

Sometimes a baby can seem inconsolable, but these tips for soothing a newborn should help calm even the fussiest of babies.


Babies love to feel secure. Use a long stretchy blanket, jersey works best, and place your baby towards the edge of the blanket. If the blanket is a square, fold one corner down, this is where you will place her head. Bring the blanket across baby, being sure to keep it snug across the arms. You can leave a hand free to allow her to self-soothe. Tuck the blanket under the baby, and back across if the blanket is long enough.


Babies are soothed by the sound of someone shushing. This can get old fast for a mom trying to get her little one to sleep, though! Thankfully an app called Baby Shusher imitates the sound.


Rhythmic motion helps put a newborn to sleep, just as it did when she was in the womb. Swaying from side to side can help calm a fussy baby and lull her into sleep.


Sometimes a little vibration can do the trick. Vibrating seats are popular, but Summer Infant created the Soothe and Vibe Portable Soother. Place it in a carseat, or near the baby when you are holding her.

Offer A Pacifier

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is nothing wrong with giving a newborn a pacifier. Some children have a strong sucking reflex and are quickly soothed by a paci. This can be a controversial idea amongst lactation consultants, so discuss with your pediatrician what is best for you and your baby.

Consider Stomach Discomfort

Babies have immature tummies and often suffer from gas pain. You can lay him across your knees and rub his back. This can help release gas. You can also place him on his back and bicycle his legs slowly. That motion can also help them poop, so be prepared! If he still seems to be in pain, discuss gas drops with your pediatrician.

Dim The Lights

Loud noises, flashing televisions and bright lights can overstimulate your little one and make it difficult to rest. Creating a calm environment will help your baby relax.

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