Tips For Rocking Your Wedding Day Timeline

Y’all, I’m the queen of the wedding day timeline. No, I take that back, I’m the queen of timelines.  I can create a Disney timeline that would put many Disney travel agents to shame.  I know how long we want things to take, and I know how long they actually take.  On road trips my parents would say, “we’ll be at the hotel by 4:00.” I could always say to the minute that we would actually be there at 5:20.  So without further-ado, here are my tips for creating a wedding day timeline.

Have Hair and Makeup Arrive Early

More often than not, what causes a timeline to run a little late is hair and makeup.  It’s not anyone’s fault.  Sometimes bridesmaids want more elaborate up-do, or maybe someone’s makeup didn’t turn out as expected and it was redone.  For whatever the reason, this can be what puts us behind, so I suggest having the hair and makeup artists arrive earlier than you would expect.

Your photographer does not have to be there for the entire bridal prep

We really don’t have to be there for all the nitty gritty of getting ready. The photographer can arrive towards the last two hours of bridal prep to grab beautiful detail shots, and pictures of you getting pampered.  All that’s left is putting on the dress and we are ready to roll!

A First Look Can Save the Timeline

I am always up for whatever my client’s heart desires, but a first look can make the timeline go so smoothly.  Many brides and grooms don’t want to spend a lot of time taking formals after the ceremony. I don’t blame them!  They want to get to the party and enjoy the night they have been planning for the last year.  When we shoot a first look, you have the opportunity to also get your wedding party and family pictures out of the way.  Then when the ceremony is over, you are ready to party!

Have a Private Meal

Many of my clients enjoy a private meal when they arrive at their venue, before they are introduced to their guests.  I think this is a brilliant idea.  You are going to be dancing, talking and DRINKING.  You need to eat, and if a venue coordinator doesn’t eNencourage you to do it, you will forget.  Sitting down to eat before you have seen your guests is a great way to enjoy your catered food, and also have a quiet moment just the two of you.

Skip the Bouquet & Garter

If you are short on time, skip the bouquet and garter.  Don’t feel you need to keep this tradition if it doesn’t fit your style, or your timeline. Some of your friends may become uneasy around this point in the evening, so I would also consider their feelings.

Stage An Exit Early

Some clients stage their exit earlier in the evening because older guests often leave after cake cutting.  If you have a reception that will end past 11:00, I would encourage this.  

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